Dream Moto High Impact Polystyrene Wall Mount Helmet Holder with Hook for Home, Office, Garage Review

The DreamMoto Helmet Holder positions itself as a simple yet functional solution for storing your helmet at home or in an apartment. This review delves into the specifications of the DreamMoto Helmet Holder, explores its potential advantages and disadvantages, and helps you decide if it aligns with your helmet storage needs.


MaterialHigh Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) (Plastic)
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Special FeatureDurable
WeightApproximately 454 grams (Note: Relatively lightweight)
Included ComponentsWall Mount Helmet Holder, Screws & Wall Plugs
Number of Hooks1


Space-Saving Design: With this wall-mounted helmet holder being utilized it is a very different scenario from taking a stand or placing it on a chair because it does not need all the floor space. This is perfect for condominiums, apartments or other home types where there is a lack of extra space.

Versatile Use: Although the DreamMoto organizer is to hang helmets, it can also be used to (for instance to be hung) backpacks, purses, coats, or laptop bags, thus enhancing its use.

Easy Installation: The good news is that navigating the installation to a wall will be an easy job because screws and wall plugs are included in it.

Durability: HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) with a high impact resistance may be the right choice for the plastic 3d printing filter layer, because the owner can almost carry the helmet.

Lightweight: Holding around 454 g only, the weight of the holder itself provides an effortless manipulation aspect during installation.

Corrosion-Free: As a polymeric material HIPS is highly corrosion resistant and thus this material can be applied in various environmental conditions.


Limited Capacity: This is also noticeable as the hook only is hooked on one item at a time, either a helmet or a pair of glasses. In addition, a rack’s design may be a concern if it is required to place several helmets facing up.

Unknown Weight Limit: The product description here does not have the clearly mentioned hanging items weight limit even though it is very important. Although HIPS is durable, it is recommended to observe extra care while objects get heavier.

Aesthetics (Subjective): Each may not like the style but this taste will go through one person to another. You can then look up user reviews or images in order to see more clearly how the design works.

Limited Security: Of the ball point, this one should not set for the long-term storage obviously. To improve your security you may opt for extra measures like a biometric or password system.


The DreamMoto Helmet Holder brings a lack of floor space, convenience, and easy installation of the item on a wall to meet the needs of owners to suspend their helmets or other belongings. They include the mounting hardware and make the installation easy while making of HIPS material offers potential durability. Although the limited capacity and uncertain weight will be taken into account, another thing is that there are subjectively designed boats.

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