Metal Craft Automobile Open and Full face (Steel Helmet Hangar Black) and Jacket Hanger Wall Mount Helmet Hook for Home Review

For motorcycle riders, keeping their helmets organized and readily accessible is essential. The Metal Craft Automobile Motorcycle Helmet Holder offers a unique and handmade solution for storing your helmet, freeing up floor space and adding a touch of visual interest to your garage or storage area. This review dives into the details of the Metal Craft Helmet Holder, exploring its specifications, advantages, disadvantages, and whether it aligns with your motorcycle helmet storage needs.


Mounting TypeWall Mount
Weight Limit2 Kilograms (approximately 4.4 pounds)
Special FeatureHandmade
ColorGlossy Black
Number of Hooks2 (Note: Verify with retailer; information might vary)
Dimensions5 x 6.5 x 5 centimeters (approximately 2 x 2.5 x 2 inches)
Weight91 grams (approximately 3.2 ounces)


Space-Saving Design: The wall-mounted przesłona Metal Craft Helmet Holder saves a lot of tiles that you could use in your garage, storage shed or living space. This capacity to preciously store this data can prove beneficial, for instance, to those with limited storage space.

Improved Ventilation: Utilizing a helmet holder can ensure air movement and can avoid moist development and growth of the odor-bearing bacteria which will limit the odor inside the helmet.

Easy Access: Keeping your helmet either at your feet or in a holder helps you easily grab it and get going when you’re ready to drive. Not doing the tussle anymore of your helmet among other stuff.

Stylish and Unique Design: With the metal custom artistry attracting the proportional amount of visual attention, your motorbike store has an artistic touch on it. And, it is much more than just a simple utilitarian holder and pursues the same goal as picking the appropriate backdrop for the garage.

Lightweight and Easy to Install: It can be as low as 91 grams which represents very light weight that is easy to handle and move properly during the installation process. The light panel itself, however, may not come with a securing toolkit (make sure to take a moment to look through the seller info). The lightweight design, however, makes the mounting process much simpler to do.

Suitable for Multiple Helmet Types: The holder supports helicopters from 2 kilograms in weight, and you can fit a lot of motorcycle helmets, including a full-faced, open-faced, and some modular ones. Always refer to the weight of your specific helmet, though.


Limited Weight Capacity: Yet, 85 percent of helmets are heavy enough, but those which are ultra-heavy helmets might be over the weight limit. Make sure that the value of the helmet is more than the budget you want before purchasing the helmet.

Dependence on Wall Strength: The heavy reliance here is on the wall to which it’s mounted because of the functionality of the holder. Take care of the choice of the wall strength, which will be able to bear the weight of this holder and the helmet itself. Depending on the wall type you intend to construct the mounting hardware differently. g. , anchor screws (for drywall hanging) should be used (drywall screws).

DIY Installation Required: The product description does not say whether mounting hardware is included in the package or excluded. You might buy extra screws, anchors, or other fittings needed for installation of the unit (see a shop assistant or product data).

Handmade Variations: Handmade nature of the product may affect the size, finish, and design to some degree, and this might differ from a product description on sale.


The Metal Craft Automobile Motorcycle Helmet Holder stands out as a design that addresses the issue of helmet storage in a unique and convenient way for the motorcyclist who seeks a fashionable way to save space. Via the mounted wall holder type design, ventilation is ensured, your helmet will be located easily and your storage area will acquire a special flavor. Nevertheless, the maximum weight load, a reliance on wall support and the change of the separate installation components are things to remember.

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