Hero Genuine 4T Plus Motorcycle Engine Oil Review

When it comes to high-quality motorycle products, Hero MotoCorp is a market leader. This oil is designed to perfectly matches the motorcycle engines. In the following paragraph, we are going to take an in-depth look at the given parameters, high lights, disadvatages, and verdict about it without mentioning the price.


BrandHero MotoCorp
Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycle
Liquid Volume900 Millilitres
Package InformationBottle
ModelAPI 10W30 SL MA2
ManufacturerHero MotoCorp
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight900 g
Package Dimensions20 x 10 x 5 cm


Improved Fuel Efficiency: Vehicle fuel saving technology with cutting-edge feature is the key factor to increase efficiency of gasoline consumption, so riders do not have to make too frequent halts at fuel stations.

Enhanced Engine Protection: The engine oil shows improved oxidative and sludge control properties. Therefore, using this oil an engine system will be saved from any damage, hence it has a longer life and it works optimally.

Reduced Wear and Tear: The best anti-wear feature enables less friction between the moving elements therefore the engine operations becomes smother and worn-out of critical parts are diminished.

Extended Engine Life: This engine oil is doing a great job preventing corrosion and wear. That in turn prolongs the engine’s service, meaning that you need to do smaller repairs or maintenance work infrequently.


Limited Packaging Options: There are some individuals that can be inclined to convenience, which means they will opt for another packaging design that will offer better storage and handling due to the oil coming in a standard bottle.


In essence, the Hero MotoCorp API 10W30 SL MA2 motorcycle engine oil stand out which offers a superb set of merits which is engine protection, fuel economy, and durability. It combines advanced technology and top-notch formulation with guaranteed results: safer and optimized motorcycle engines that keep the drivers relaxed and such engines reach their maximum potential. That said, the oil is either adapted for the daily commute or the passionate riders in general, and it would be helpful to consider it a small investment to ensure a long service life of the motorcycle engine.

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