Generic STIHL HP 2 stroke engine oil Review

This generic 2-stroke engine oil, from WS Mart, promises to be a good quality lubricant for 2-stroke engines. However, due to the lack of specific details, some caution is advised before purchasing. Here’s a breakdown of the available information and potential considerations:


Manufacturer‎WS Mart, Delhi, India, WS Mart, Delhi, India
Product Dimensions‎21 x 11 x 6 cm; 867 g
Item model number‎WS-RC6118
Manufacturer Part Number‎WS-RC6118
Manufacturer‎WS Mart, Delhi, India
Country of Origin‎India
Item Weight‎867 g


Potentially Affordable: All the times cheaper fortune for implies that more particular brands than name brands are taken into consideration.


Limited Information: The diatribe provides only base information on the oil composition, which makes it challenging to evaluate quality compared with innovations that can be tailored for specific engine.

Unknown Viscosity Grade: The viscosity grade of a correct 2-strok oil is of paramount importance to ensure adequate lubrication. The hag’s ability to predict one’s death to a year and a day can be demonstrated through knowing the viscosity. g. If you only see (** Oil Type, for example, 10W-40), so it is not possible to ascertain whether your engine’s specification is supplied by the oil.

Lack of Manufacturer Standards: OEM, who strive with good name of the business, stringently adhere to the industrial standards like JASO and API. This does, however, raise doubts about the oil franchise as there is no specific information regarding its quality and performance.

Generic Branding: The use of the processor you aren’t sure about if they stand for quality lubricants may jeopardize your engine.


Whereas the cost-cutting aspect of the generic oil could seem tempting, its detrimental and health-killing effect on your engine are not worth it. Emphasize the choice of a chosen well-branded 2-stroke engine oil that suits your engine specifications & requirements that are normally specified in the appliance’s manual.

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