Armorol Nano Ultra Lube 50 ml for Bikes Review

Armorol Nano Lube positions itself as a revolutionary engine oil additive that enhances performance and extends engine life through nanotechnology. This review explores the claims, potential advantages and disadvantages, and helps you decide if it aligns with your car maintenance practices.


ManufacturerArmorol Nanotechnologies
TypeEngine Oil Additive
Liquid Volume50 Milliliters


Cut the friction by 400% through the use of this method.

Lowers the engine oil temperature by up to 70%

The extension of oil change intervals is the limit of 300% thus the possible answer is to extend it by 300%.

The above allows the car to have a better engine compression and smoothness.

Reduces emissions by 50%

Potential Advantages:

If the claims are right, Armorol Nano Lube might be the one to reduce friction, wear, and engine heat, thus giving great advantages.

Probably, the engine would be easier to run and oil changes could be done less frequently, and that would be the better for the fuel economy or the saving of the costs (if the oil changes are extended safely).

Disadvantages and Considerations:

Lack of Independent Verification: The advantages reported are substantial and not independently certified by the authorized bodies.

Potential Incompatibility: The product description does not contain the information about the compatibility with all the oil types or the possibility of the interaction with the certain engine components. The car’s manual and the respected mechanic should be the first sources of information before trying any additive.

Potential Warranty Issues: Employing unapproved additives may result in the car’s warranty being voided. Check with your car manufacturer or dealership if additives are allowed.

Focus on Friction Reduction: Friction reduction is, of course, good; yet, some engines require continuous friction for proper functioning. g. , clutch plates).


Armorol Nano Lube is a product which is a subject of a controversy as it is alleged to have the capacity to produce a great effect if the claims are verified to be true. Nevertheless, the absence of independent verification, possible compatibility problems and warranty worries makes one to be careful.

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