Motul Synthetic Blend 4-Stroke Engine Oil Review

In this regard, framing the right engine oil is key both for getting the best performance and high durability of your motorcycle engine. The Motul Synthetic Blend 4-Stroke Engine Oil, among the products that make use of advanced synthetic blend technology and ester forming, aims at providing extra engine protection and performance. In this, the detailed review, we are going to address the product specification, how beneficial it is, the shortcomings and trying to give you the right advice for your motorcycle model.


Vehicle Service TypeTruck
Flash Point232 Degrees Celsius
Liquid Volume1 Litres
Package InformationBottle
Product Dimensions22 x 7 x 12 cm; 91 g
Item model number104080
Manufacturer Part No.104080
Volume1 Litres
Stain Resistant?No
Assembly RequiredNo
Imported ByAtlantic Lubricants & Specilities Pvt, Ltd
Item Weight91 g


Versatile Compatibility: Intended for use in multiple classes of motorcycles, including from Royal Enfield, Bajaj, and Yamaha; the oil owner will all enjoy the convenience and versatility of using this particular oil regardless of their bike type or brand.

Enhanced Engine Protection: The synthetic blend composition coupled with the application of ester technology is capable of increasing shear resistance, ease of shifting, and high-temperature resistance which ensures that the engine is being protected at its extremes even when conditions are too harsh.

Optimal Wet Clutch Performance: JASO MA performance requirements ensured, this engine oil provides for wet clutch performance without slippage, and assures worry free, smooth, and precise gear changes, thus driving a more enjoyable riding experience.

Convenient Home Installation: The brands that are chosen to run commercials for oil change exist in the parts that offer home installations services for motorcycles owners who look forward to professional assistance from a mechanic during the oil change.


Limited Package Information: The product is packaged in a handy bottle-style, however, there may be customers, who would see the lack of instructive descriptive, and complementaries as an inconvenience.


The Motul Synthetic Blend 4-Stroke Oil Engine are considered one of the options to be trusted for motorcyclists who like to get the best out of their engines and their normal operating condition. By applying special synthetic ester formulation, motorcycle gear technology, as well as its compatibility with various motorcycle models it ensures the safety of the engine with a combination of engine performance boosts and versatility at high level.

Also, the less package means that the user experiences only a couple of issues with the information. One of them is that the user must know such stuff as engine protection, which is the small package drawback. Another one is the inconvenience of wet clutch performance inconveniences and the lack of professional installation as the wet clutch performance. The less package means that these steps are very easy and can be done via home. Ultimately, the Motul Synthetic Blend 4-Stroke Engine Oil justifiably proves its worth for the motorcycle riders who care about the long-distance performance of their bikes without any frictions.

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