Vega Atom Helmet Pink, Size:M(57-58 cm) Review

This review examines the VEGA Open Face Scooter Helmet, analyzing its features and potential drawbacks to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your scooter riding needs.


Certificate Type‎ISI
Shell Type‎ABS Material Shell
Specification Met‎isi certified
Closure Type‎Buckle
Product Dimensions‎12 x 10 x 12 cm; 0.95 g
Item model number‎Open Face
Manufacturer Part Number‎ATM-P-M
Inner Material‎Foam
Outer Material‎Plastic
Item Weight‎0.95 g


Lightweight (if accurate): the description mentions a 0-weight. It was 95g which was super dry and could likely not burden the neck with the strain during the rides. However, it seems that the scales have shown an incorrectly low weight. Very likely it implies the quantity of the helmet. Expect top pick use of the actual helmet weight with the aim of giving a practical evaluation.

Open Face Design: Uncovered spats versus full face helmets might work for those who seek for a wider vision and more ventilation.

ISI Certified (India): Complies with the Indian safety standard mark(ISI).

Metallic Quick Release Buckle: This ensures a convenient option for those who have ever encountered the difficulties of getting in and out of vehicles.


Plastic Shell Material: The evcription enatles a plastic shell. Plastic differs significantly from other desired shell materials e. g. ABS, or polycarbonate due to its inability to deliver the necessary impact protection. Safety will be the primary consideration alongside helmets.

Inaccurate Weight Information: The given weight (0. 95 grams) has less real chances to belong to a helmet and the most probable hypothesis is that this is a typo. Considering user reviews or the manufacturer’s website can be helpful for getting the actual helmet weight.

Limited Protection: Open-face helmets which come with lower facial coverage are an alternative to the full face helmet.


However, VEGA Open Face Scooter Helmet made from light weight shell with open face also raises doubts about certain security issues as compared to the traditional scooter helmets made from steel material and other which muffles users’ visibility. Some purposes like being safe in the case of accident, shells made of plastic may don’t offer sufficient security.

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