Gulf Pride Scooter Plus SAE 10W-30 Review

Gulf Pride Scooter Plus S 10W-30 is a sophisticated synthetic blend of oil and suitable for the latest scooter four-cycle engines. It is high performance additives and tribological that promise great efficiency, less friction, optimal protection of engine. In this review we will take a deeper dive into its technical specifications, advantages, disadvantages as well as how this mobile application will be evaluable for people who use scooters.


Vehicle Service TypeScooter
Liquid Volume0.8 Litres
Package InformationBottle
API SpecificationSL
JASO SpecificationMB
ManufacturerGulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd.
Product Dimensions11.5 x 22.5 x 6.7 cm; 760 g
Item model number2112101995
Manufacturer Part No.2112101995
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight760 g


Tailored for Modern Scooters: Unlike common motor oil, theses high-tech internal engine oil is particularly formulated for the latest type of scooters. This oil serves the particular lubrication needs of present Engines, like the timing belt, reducing material wear and prolonging vehicle life.

Superior Synthetic Formulation: The synthetic base oil is designed to give extreme heat stability, tremendous shear resistance, and strong resistance to oxidation, which ensure that engine’s running components are fully protected from damaging wear and tear.

Friction Reduction: Greaseup additives in the structure are intended to decrease engine friction, which leads to a more quiet and hence better fuel economy. It will result in significant drops in fuel consumption costs that scooter users will have to cover. This directly impacts the financial situation of scooter owner community.

Advanced Anti-Wear Properties: The oil is designed with advanced API GL-5 Carbon-cutting inhibitors that fight even more serious wear of engine units, such as, piston, cylinder, and valves which in turn reduce necessary repairs and increase overall maintenance of the engine.


Limited Compatibility: Alternatively, the manufacturer of this engine oil recommends using it for modern-generation scooters, but not necessarily for scooter models with other specific requirements, such as performance or old engine designs. An issue is a compatibility check with the previous models of electric scooters before use.


The Gulf Pride Scooter Plus SAE 10W-30 stands out as the top choice for scooter owners looking for superior engine safety and performance.

Its design for the modern scooter, combined with its advanced oil treatment and additives, ensures lubrication and performance With the ability to reduce friction, increase fuel economy and protect against wear and tear, this oil offers scooter enthusiasts a distinct advantage, in terms of performance and cost they break down throughout but users should make sure it matches their scooter model before buying.

Overall, the Gulf Pride Scooter Plus SAE 10W-30 stands as a reliable lubrication solution, providing scooter riders with peace of mind and optimal engine health in riding conditions and environments various types.

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