TotalEnergies- Hi-Perf 4T Scooter 10W-30 – API SL, JASO MB Review

Activa and similar models require optimum care for the engine and TotalEnergies designed an oil that would address that, named 10W-30 Scooter Engine Oil with impeccable quality. Well, to start with, let’s take a closer look at the technical aspects, the pros and cons, and finally, make a conclusion.


Viscosity10W-30 (SAE Grade)
Vehicle Service TypeScooter
Liquid Volume800 Millilitres
Package InformationBottle
ManufacturerTotalEnergies, India
Product Dimensions21.1 x 5.5 x 13.1 cm; 780 g
Item model number209140
Manufacturer Part No209140
Country of OriginIndia


Tailor-Made for Scooters: The order TotalEnergies 10W-30 Oil is a low viscosity oil developed for scooters that allows you to drive your scooter with an easier and a more efficient engine power delivery.

Perfect 10W-30 Formula: Possessing a balanced viscosity not only helps the operation work well but alsothe fuel to be more effective, which serves as a great ride.

Activa’s Best Friend: Featuring Activa and any similar scooters, this oil delivers best performance and it elongates the life of the engine, such that your scooter consistently runs at the highest level for the longest time.

JASO MB Certification: RTU certified by JASO MB brings the total package of quick response and revitalization, meeting the engine enthusiast’s level of expectation while placing the quality standards over all other concerns.

Unmatched Protection: TotalEnergies 10W-30 Oil remained in the line whether you are driving in the city and having to do a lot of stop-and-go or driving in harsh conditions, you should drive with confidence and can do so knowing that your oil will protect you all the way.


Limited Compatibility: On one hand, this innovation is perfect for Activa while on the other hand widely using if with other scooters and other vehicles will be a difficult task.


TotalEnergies 10W-30 Scooter Engine Oil sports in the category of premium oils for scooter owners who look for nothing but the best in both performance and the care of their engines. Worth mentioning is the fine-tuned formula made exclusively for scooters, exclusively Activa, delivering a total of 10W-30 which leads to smooth power delivery, better efficiency and longer engine life. JASO MB certification and acceptance shield the scooter from rain, heat, and dust today. When you are in need, it can provide immediate response and flawless protection, improving your riding experience. While by no means the universal solution applicable to all models, it does well in terms of performance and features and should therefore be a regarded as just a justified investment by scooter enthusiasts.

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