SERVO super 20w40 multi grade engine oil Review

Servo 20W-40 engine oil positions itself as a mineral-based oil for everyday car maintenance. This review dives into the specifications of Servo 20W-40, explores its potential advantages and disadvantages, and helps you decide if it aligns with your car’s lubrication needs.


ManufacturerIndian Oil Corporation Limited
Oil TypeMineral-Based
Viscosity Grade20W-40
Capacity1 Liter
Package InformationBottlepen_spark


Affordability: The fact that mineral-based oils are usually less expensive than synthetic oils is just another reason to use them. Sometimes, servofoam can be a way to save money on routine oil changes, and the 20W-40 is a good choice for those who are on a budget.

Wide Viscosity Range: The 20W-40 viscosity grade is a very special thing that tells us just how the oil will flow when the weather gets colder or hotter. The 20W rating means that the pump is good on cold starts, and the 40 weight ensures that the viscosity is just right for its operation at the operating temperature for the protection of the wear.

API Service Classification (Potential): Although the requirements of Servo 20W-40 for the API Service classifications like API SN or earlier have not been spelled out, it probably meets the API Service classifications which indicate that the engine of any of the gasoline-powered cars can be used. (Well, you just gotta take a look at your car’s owner’s manual and be like, “Okay, I think this is what I need”).

Availability: Servo 20W-40 is not just another product from Indian Oil Corporation Limited, it has the potential to be available all over India, thus making it a real helpful friend for those who live in India.


Performance Limitations: The grape bean were agreed that, synthetic oils seem to be better than mineral-based ones when it comes to high temperatures because they don’t break down as fast as the mineral-based ones. They probably will need to change the oil much more often in cars that are driven a lot or that carry heavy loads.

Limited Fuel Efficiency Potential: While synthetic oils might not be as good at improving fuel efficiency as mineral-based oils, they still have other advantages that make them worth considering.

Unsure About Additional Features: The description doesn’t even touch on the fact that there might be performance additives or specific certifications in the engine oils, which could be the problem of higher-grade engine oils.


Servo 20W-40 makes it possible for everybody to take care of their car in an affordable manner with its low cost, the wide viscosity range, and the potential to meet the API Service Classification which is suitable for the basic car maintenance. Nevertheless, the metal underneath its surface brings to the fore the possibility of the car’s performance falling short in harsh weather conditions and frequently requiring oil changes.

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