Vega Junior Buds ISI Certified Lightweight Full Face Helmet

The Vega Budds motorcycle helmet positions itself as a budget-friendly option for riders seeking basic safety features and a touch of style. Made by Vega, a well-known Indian brand, the Budds caters to street bike riders with its aerodynamic design and lightweight build. This review dives into the helmet’s specifications, explores its pros and cons, and helps you decide if it’s the right choice for your rides.


Shell MaterialABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Safety CertificationISI Certified (IS 4151:2015)
VisorScratch-resistant & UV resistant, Optical Polycarbonate, Quick Release Mechanism
ClosureMetallic Quick Release Buckle
Ventilation2 Back Exhaust Vents
Weight800 grams (approx.)
SizesExtra Small
ColorDull Red


Safety First: Vega Budd caters to the safety concerns of Indian consumers by getting the ISI (Indian Safety Instruction) certification ensuring that the product meets the standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This certification means that the helmet meets a list of criteria, comprising the impact resistance and other shell integrity parameters.

Lightweight Champion: The Budds weighs between 1 and 8 pounds (800 grams) which makes the handlebar a lightweight companion on your rides. This aligns to overlapped neck position particularly on the long trips.

Scratch Resistant & UV Protected Visor: The polycarbonate visor with the optical quality protects your eyes both from dust, debris, and UV-radiation. With the scratch-resistant coating to maintain the cleanliness of the visor and with the UV protection to safeguard your eyes from the sunlight rays, this brings the helmet to that next level.

Quick Release Convenience: Similarly, these two components of the helmet have also the quick releases systems. This gives as opportunity to quickly and efficiently to change the goggles and this is needed for urgent helmet removal as well.

Budget-Friendly: It can happily boost your gears in the affordable category, which makes it a good choice for beginners or those with less pocket money.

Aerodynamic Design: Aesthetic of teh helmet is designed not only be tolook like aerodynamic to limit air resistance and buffeting at higher speeds.


Limited Ventilation: However, Budds are configurable with only one exhaust on each side which does not provide maximum ventilation system. This can cause heat in the hot days or in the intense riding times to accumulate.

Limited Size Options: Available horoscope indicates only the availability of a special small set size. They may have one limitation, like when the helmet does fit different head shapes but not to a larger size. The often-quoted expression “Not all size charts are created equal” should always be kept in mind.

Basic Features: The Budds helmet barely contains that stuff but concentrates on essential functionality features. Riders who require sophisticated features of imported helmet sorts like inner sun visors, multi-flow ventilation or noise reduction might opt for other brands.

Unknown Visor Replacement Availability: In the package, the visor has a quick-release mechanism. Replacement visors, availability or compatibility are not specified in the information.


The Vega Budds motorcycle helmet comes at the 2nd rank in the race of budget-oriented riders looking for the best deals to buy strength for their security needs and lightweight design. A scratch-resistant visor featuring UV protection and ISI certification contribute to safety standards ensuring all its requisite functionalities. While the generally ventilated area maybe also a plus for the comfort of many riders, there can be a down point like limited space for a large number of people.

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