O2 Open Face / Half face Helmet Review

O2 Bike Helmet, designed by OM Helmets Pvt. Ltd, proves to be a trustworthy safe haven of safety when it comes to compromising neither comfort nor visibility. Levering on high-quality materials input and being supplied with a number of unique functions, this helmet gives people with motorcycles a sense of security during their riding ventures. This detailed review will analyze the specs, identifies its pros and cons as well as give you a verdict of its worthiness or not as a bike that can be used by bikers.


Vehicle Service TypeBike
MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Item Weight920 Grams
CertificationISI Certified
Shell TypePolypropylene
Closure TypeBuckle
Finish TypeGlossy
ManufacturerOM Helmets Pvt. Ltd.
Product Dimensions28 x 23 x 22 cm; 920 g
Manufacturer Part No.O2-00B


Fine Protection: The helmet function of impact energy absorption and dissipation in the most appropriate to the accident and the fall. This is the head protection.

Comfortable Fit: Through the fitting, padding, and ventilation systems that are well-balanced; the helmet creates an environment that is cool and has an improved airflow, accommodating different adult heads.

Scratch-Resistant Visor: Having a coat with scratch resistance, the visor becomes protected by the clear and solid state, even after a long period of using of that. Providing the rider with a clear sight of the road.

Impact Absorption: To begin conducting this impact-absorbing helmet is manufactured from materials that prevent an impact, and distribute the force of the crash evenly, thus improving rider security.

Enhanced Visibility: The flashing hues of the helmet help other riders see you more clearly so you could be visible enough to avoid collisions in dark or low light conditions and thus become safer.


Limited Size Options: Helmet is the sole size available (M), which could undermine the possibility of it being an option for riders with large or small head sizes.


It becomes evident that this O2 Bike Helmet from OM Helmets Pvt. Ltd, is a stellar option for riders who want to stay protected, comfortable and visible. Constructed from special impact-absorbing materials, the transparency visor has been certified by ISI to ensure the high quality of load protection without affecting the quality of vision your head gear provides.

While the helmet gives wearer’s the comfortable level and visibility enhancements, its one-size-fits-all capability may not fit the bill with all riders’ needs. Nontheless, the O2 helmet becomes a reliable partner for cycling trips from the point of the perspective of those who are of proper size range and are given the chance to relax and feel joyful while riding.

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