Yamaha Optima Scooter 10W40 4 Stroke Scooter Engine Oil Review

When it comes to motor and scooter manufacture, the well-knows Yamaha is the name that bears the high reputation for the engine oil with the 10W40 rating. Be it for Yamaha Fascino Scooter, ray ZR, Alpha or ray, this engine oil is hand-crafted specifically to give you a ride that is smooth and comfortable while keeping the engine with optimal performance and long life. In this holistic review, we’ll walk through its special features, pros and cons, as well as the verdict to that question of whether it’s the right fit for your Yamaha scooter.


Vehicle Service TypeYamaha Scooter Fascino, Ray ZR, Alpha, Ray
Liquid Volume0.8 Litres
Package InformationBottle
ModelOptima Scooter
ManufacturerAtlantic Lubricants & Specialities Pvt Ltd, Yamaha Motor India Pvt. Ltd.
Product Dimensions21 x 7 x 12 cm; 700 g
Item model number90793AD40700
Manufacturer Part Number90793AD40700
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight700 g


Smooth Engine Start: Using Yamaha Optima Scooter Motor Oil, one can have faster engine start-ups, to limit friction during ignition and the added bonus of longer engine life.

Comfortable Ride: Thanks to the unique exhaustion formula of this oil the level of engine vibration is reduced to the absolute minimum while the engine doesn’t get stopped with spare operations.

Reduced Oxidation and Corrosion: The antioxidation and anticorrosive properties of the oil aid in keeping engine parts from rusting furthermore helping in creating a durable and sustainable system.

Greater Stability and Viscosity: This oil, possessing increased shear and oxidation stability with a positive trend at maintaining consistency viscosity throughout a broad spectrum of temperatures, presents the ability to provide reliable operating conditions to various kinds of lubrication systems.

Low Volatility: It being having character low volatility helps to reduce excessive oil consumption and aspiration oil levels in the engine that is better maintained, therefore reducing the need for frequent filling oil.

Meets Dry Clutch Use: The oil is developed to perform as recommend by Yamaha for dry clutches.The oil meets the necessities of many Yamaha scooter models with this type of dry clutch system.


Limited Volume: 0.4 liter buckets may be too small if a user requires multiple oil changes or for high oil consumption. Hence, they have introduced different size for their bigger needs.


In summary, the Yamaha Optima Scooter 10W40 Engine Oil emerges as a reliable and high-performance lubricant tailored specifically for Yamaha Scooter Fascino, Ray ZR, Alpha, and Ray models. With its emphasis on smooth engine start, reduced oxidation, and corrosion protection, this oil offers peace of mind to scooter enthusiasts seeking to maintain their vehicles’ performance and longevity. While the limited volume may pose a constraint for some users, the overall benefits and Yamaha’s reputation for quality make this engine oil a worthy investment for Yamaha scooter owners looking to optimize their riding experience.

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