Steelbird SBA-6 7Wings Gravity Open Face ISI Certified ABS Helmet Review

The Steelbird Matt Black Neon Helmet is a nifty piece of safety gear that suits most street bike riders. Showcasing its high-tech shell capable of resisting harsh impacts and its compulsory safety standards, this helmet is expected to offer the adequate protection impinging upon style on urban riders` rides. In this reivew we will dig into its specifications and features, reviewing the pros and cons, and give an overall verdict.


ColourMatt Black Neon
Vehicle Service TypeStreet Bike
MaterialHigh Impact Resistant Thermoplastic Shell
Certificate TypeISI CERTIFIED
Shell TypeEPS / ABS Material
Specification MetISI certified
Closure TypeBuckle
Age RangeKid
Included Components1 Helmet
Material TypeHigh Impact Resistant Thermoplastic Shell
Outer MaterialPlastic, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Manufacturer3 Generation
Country of OriginIndia


High-Impact Resistant Shell: The headgear wearing has a thermoplastic shell for the safety of the rider by resisting all high impacts.

Sleek Design: Matt black neon color scheme can achieve clean look and clear visor help maintain modern and stylish appearance. The helmet is visually appealing to the riders because it is visually attractive.

Essential Safety Certifications: The helmet is authenticated by ISI and therefore meets essential safety requirements, giving riders assurance that it is fitted to take care of them when it matters most.

Comfortable Fit: The fitting process of helmet is attuned to the shape of the round oval face with the option of buckle closure that makes it an anchor for the rider during rides, providing comfort feelings.


Limited Age Range: Try to make kid size helmet so the helmet would be just right for adult riders that means infant of people will not have much choice in the price.

Single Size Option: Due to this single size available (M), the helmet probably won’t fit heads for some riders with a smaller head or a larger one, thus some will probably be excluded by this product.


The Matt Black Neon Model by Steelbird Helmet is the very good choice of riders who are young, it has combined fashion and security that is needed by riders on the street bikes. The shell has a high impact resistance, including the essential road safety certificates, and comes with a sleeker design. It also looks appealing for kids who will be hitting the urban roads. Although it comes in a single size, its narrow age range means this device might also have off-target applications for a bigger population. On the whole, this is a nice product for the youth who wish to have stylish look while at the same time ensure their safety on the road.

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