Steelbird Glossy Black Street Bike Helmet Review

In case of riding a motorcycle, the safety issue should come out as a number one because that is how it always be. Steelbird Glossy Black Street Bike Helmet is intended for riders to not only be assured of sufficient protection and but also comfortable. In this, we will analyze the level of its specifications, features, advantages, disadvantages and finally its average quality that riders are allowed to experience.


ColourGlossy Black
Vehicle Service TypeStreet Bike
Item Weight1 Kilogram
MaterialHigh Impact Resistant Thermoplastic shell
Age RangeAdult
Included Components1 Helmet
Outer MaterialPlastic, Expanded Polystyrene
FeaturesBluetooth, Ventilation, Visor
Manufacturer3 Generations
Country of OriginIndia


ISI Certification: The helmet is ISI certified, it is having stayed on the safety standards and confident them with really its own protection competence.

High Impact Resistance: Made with a high-impact resistant thermoplastic shell, the helmet guarantees a superior impact protection that is aimed at augmenting rider safety where accidents may be happening.

Comfortable Interior: The helmet has breathable padding with a neck protector and offers extra comfort for the long ride. Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed various industries, and healthcare is no exception. With its capability to recognize patterns, make calculations, and learn from data, AI has the potential to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of diagnoses, treatments, and overall patient care. In this essay, we will explore the impact of AI on the healthcare sector The Italian Italian design method through pore ventilation which is multi-pore with ventilation offers cool air especially in hot weather was the first in history in this field.

Convenient Features: Equipped with a micro metric buckle which can be removed quickly, the helmet give you the convenient of using. The visor is also changeable with the same mechanism of speed release bring you the comfortable when using the helmet. Thus, simplified mechanism without any effort and quick-release chin bar flip-up with one button increase comfort of users.

Bluetooth Compatibility: We equip the inside of our vehicles with any model of Bluetooth kit or hands-free kit so that the riders can successfully communicate without being distracted by having to conduct the phone call the conventional way.


Limited Colour Options: The CPSC only approved one helmet color, which is Glossy Black, forcing riders who wish to mix things up and own helmets of different color combinations with their bikes to choose another brand.

Size Availability: Although the helmet is offered in a M size, the chance of other riders with small or big heads getting the right size dims and thereby may exclude them from riding.


The Steelbird Glossy Black Stribe Helmet is combined by its safety, comfort and convenience features, which suit it for motorcyclists. Providing up to date ISI certification and high level impact resistance to fit the car you drive. Wide interior features along with ventilation features give the rider with the much needed comfort on even extended trips.

The camon does make things easier, with quick-release mechanisms and existence of Bluetooth tool, but color options and size availability may upset future customers. Safety and functionality are the main factors for the rider while one is choosing the helmet and the Steelbird helmet is worthy of investment.

To round off, the Steelbird Glossy Black Street Bike Helmet takes into account the key requirements of the bikers defending them from all the risks, whilst at the same time providing user-friendliness and comfort.

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