SELVIKE Devil’s Helmet Horn with Suction Rubber Pad for All Bikes and Motorcycles Review

SELVIKE Devil Horn Helmet Accessory” is one of the fun and stylish motorcycle helmets based accessories, which include a devil’s horns sticking on to your helmet to make your look neat, while adding a personalized spice. This review would probably cover the bikes specifics, nice side, bad side and more or less tell you what to expect if you decide to go for it.


Item Dimensions10 x 8 x 6 Centimeters
Noise Level117 dB
Voltage12 Volts
Fit TypeUniversal Fit
Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycle


Unique Design: Devil horn design on your helmet would add an extra flair there, making your road appearance more vivid.

Easy Installation: The device features the suction cup mechanism that will enable you easily have the devil horns attached or removed to the helmet, thereby providing the enjoyment of the use and conveniently anytime you feel like to.

Soft and Durable Material: Made of soft silicone, the devil horns are both suitable for being stroked to feel tactile pleasure and durable enough to be used frequently.

Customizable: Various colors are applicable, with one being pickable depending on what you feel like. This offers you a great way to personalize the appearance of your helmet because it lets you adjust it to match your style.


Size Variation: Occurring because of possible variation of sizes, some of the users might acknowledge this situation, in which it will be obvious that the horns are not uniform in size.


The SELVIKE satellite horn helmet add-on provides one with the chance to express his/her unique taste and to offer customization to one’s motorcycling helmets. This fanciful comprehensive design which includes devil horns, easier installation, choice of many different colors, will adorn your outfit for biking for fun. But the fact that all of our devil horns are of the same size and color stands to make a big statement on the way (in life), and it is also conveying that they live up to the purpose of making mountain biking life a wonderful experience. Something to add a personalized touch to your motorcycle outfit can be the SELVIKE Devil Horn Helmet Accessory if you looking for it.

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