3M Engine Oil Flush for 2-Wheelers Review

The 3M Engine Oil Flush for 2-Wheelers is one of a kind engine cleaning fluid which helps improve the performance of 4-stroke motorbikes engine and their durability. This impressive motorcycle has many facets that we will explore in detail in this review. We will discuss its specs, benefits and drawbacks and give our verdict if this machine is worth your attention or not.


ModelEngine Oil Flush 2WH 50ml CT
Product Dimensions3.5 x 7.8 x 3.5 cm; 50 g
Item Model NumberFor Two Wheeler
Manufacturer Part No.IS270102269
Volume50 Millilitres
Stain ResistantNo
Assembly RequiredNo
Manufacturer3M India Ltd
Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight50 g


Fast Cleaning Action: The 3M Engine Oil Flush capable of cleaning motorcycle engines at a fast speed and efficiency, this further assures sludge and deposits removal to achieve the best engine performance.

Enhanced Engine Preparation: Through its desalting and readying of the engine for the fresh oil, the solution indeed helps the engine to stay clean and increasing life of its critical engine components.

Easy to Use: The engine oil flush machine has detailed instruction for usage, which makes it’s possible to include this engine oil flush to the ordinary maintenance process without any extra necessary labour or time.


Limited Volume: The pack is small and can be maintained at 50 ml, but can be considered insufficient by individuals with motorcycles engines with big capacity or those who need the product for other applications that they should ideally buy additional packs


The 3M Engine Oil Flush Product for Two-Wheelers is an indispensable element in the motorcyclists’ maintenance procedure, being a quick and efficient solution to cleanse 50 cc and 4-stroke engines. It extracts sludge and deposits and in addition it is the way that the engine is prepared to receive new oil, therefore it is a factor that plays a role in the improvement of engine performance and longevity.

Whist the product’s little volume may make it difficult to some riders, its intuitive use and superior cleaning in the motor components becomes a good option for those that need to optimize the performance and maintenance of the bike. Briefly, 3M Engine Oil Flush for 2-Wheelers comes out as a trusted way for holding the basic health of engines and offering comfortable operations on the road.

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