Motul SP001 Fork Oil Review

Motul Fork Oil emerges as a contender for motorcycle riders seeking high-quality fork oil to enhance their suspension performance. This review dives into the specifications of Motul Fork Oil, explores its potential advantages and disadvantages, and helps you decide if it aligns with your motorcycle’s fork oil needs.


Viscosity Grade20W
Recommended UsesAll Bikes (verify compatibility with your specific motorcycle)
Quantity350 Milliliters
ApplicationsMotorcycle Fork Oil


Brand Reputation: Motul is the most searched-for lubricant specialist and, thus, it boosts the confidence of the buyers about the product’s quality and performance.

Thermal Resistance and Stability: The explanation stresses the fact that the vehicle has a very good thermal resistance and stability, which is very important for keeping the damping performance consistent across varying riding conditions.

Improved Ride Quality: The oil can act as a good lubricant for the fork components, thus improving the suspension action and better handling which in turn will make it smooth.

Wide Application Potential: The “All Bikes” recommendation is very general, so it is wise to ask for your motorcycle specifications first.


Limited Information on Viscosity: The author has only talked about the 20W viscosity grade in the description. While the car is at a higher price, details are still not given on the other options. Check your motorcycle’s manual or a mechanic who knows the field well and ask him for the right viscosity grade for your forks.

Unknown Friction Modifiers or Additives: The description doesn’t mention any specific friction modifiers or additives that some high-performance forks oils possess to even further boost the suspension performance.


Imagine a car which could withstand the hottest of temperatures, had no problems with thermal resistance, and would make your rides smooth as a piece of silk. Such a car is exactly what Motul Fork Oil has in mind!But, the lack of details on the exact viscosities and noticeably the lack of information on friction modifiers or additives are considerations.

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