Yamaha Glycol Formulated Engine Coolant Oil Review

Yamaha Coolant is a pre-mixed, glycol-based coolant designed specifically for Yamaha motorcycles. This review analyzes the product’s features, explores potential benefits, and helps you decide if it’s the right coolant for your Yamaha motorcycle.


Vehicle Service TypeAll Motorcycles
Liquid Volume1 Liter
Package InformationBottle


Convenience: The ready-to-use mixture wonderfully replaces the laborious task of calculating and mixing the coolant mixture with water.

Optimal Engine Cooling: Glycol serves as a good thermal conductivity, ensuring a quick and consistent power transfer from the engine to the radiator, which preserves the operational temperature at the required level.

Year-round Protection: The coolant prevents freezing, and maintains the engine parts free from corrosion, which means that it gives as a good performance from the cold months to the next summer.

Manufacturer-approved: Developed exclusively for Yamaha motorcycles, providing the chance to ensure the correct matchup.

The above sentence motivates the consumer to choose the offered product by implying that the product is a direct result of Yamaha motorcycle design and subsequently they can be sure about its compatibility and peace of mind in terms of its future use.


Potentially Higher Cost: Though making large number of coolant by using the concentrate is expensive, pre- mixed coolant offers convenience.

Limited Customization: It can, however, be a possibility that the 50/50 pre-mix does not function perfectly well in all kinds of climate. There might be a different coolant-to-water ratio given in your owner’s manual for using in high, low and extremely cold conditions.

Availability: Yamaha Coolant is not likely to be so easy to find everywhere as are some varying brands.


The Coolant Yamaha provides their customers with a handy solution of great quality that comes in a compact bottle. SendingThe cascade 2 formula, excellent heat transfer properties, freeze protection, and corrosion resistance make it an option inseparable from all the business cases. On the other hand, expect some drawbacks that come with price, no personalisation, and (lack of) accessibility. Always follow the coolant type and coolant-to-water ratio recommendations (if needed), provided by the owner’s manual and perform regular services as recommended by the owner’s manual.

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