Hawk Helmets Cute 3 Junior Toddler Helmet Review

The Hawk Helmets Cute 3 emerges as a contender for parents seeking a basic, lightweight bicycle helmet for toddlers. This review delves into the specifications of the Cute 3, explores its potential advantages and disadvantages, and helps you determine if it aligns with your child’s cycling helmet needs.


MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
WeightApproximately 0.3 kilograms
Recommended Age2-6 years old
Head Circumference50cm-52cm (always measure your child’s head for best fit)
Size AdjustmentLimited
Additional FeaturesNone explicitly mentionedpen_spark


Lightweight: The Cute 3, which weighs only 0. 3 kilograms, is a very lightweight helmet, and hence it is ideal for the toddlers who might find the heavier helmets to be uncomfortable.

Age Range: The suggested age range of 2-6 years is for toddlers who are at that stage of their life when they are learning how to ride a bike.

Adjustable Fit: The helmet has a certain degree of adjustability that allows to fit heads of various circumferences (50cm-52cm). On the other hand, a correct fit is important for the safety of the child, therefore, you should measure their head before the buying.


Limited Sizing: The Cute 3 may not be the right toddler for those with a limited size range as the range might be too small and limited.

Unknown Safety Certifications: There are no safety certifications which are mentioned in the description. Search for helmets that are certified by the standards for bicycle helmets to ensure safety.

Basic Features: The description does not impress any additional features like the ventilation systems or visors, which may be the case with the higher-end helmets.


The Hawk Helmets Cute 3 is a light and potentially adjustable feature for toddlers that are beginning to cycle. Nevertheless, the small size range, absence of safety certification information, and ideally basic features are the factors to be considered.

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