Steelbird SBA-20 Hunt ISI Certified Flip-Up Graphic Helmet Review

The Steelbird SBA-20 helmet positions itself as a feature-rich option for riders seeking a comfortable and convenient flip-up helmet with safety certifications. This review dives into the specifications of the SBA-6, explores its potential advantages and disadvantages, and helps you determine if it aligns with your riding needs.


Shell MaterialHigh-Impact Resistant Thermoplastic
Safety CertificationISI Certified
Visor Material (not explicitly mentioned)Smoke Visor
PaddingBreathable with Neck Protector and Extra Comfort
ClosureMicro Metric Buckle
Special FeaturesFlip-Up Chin Guard, Quick Release Visor Change Mechanism, Ventilation System, Detachable and Washable Interior
WeightApproximately 1.2 Kilograms
SizeL (other sizes might be available depending on retailer)
ColorMatt Black Orange with Black Spoiler


ISI Certification: This ISI standard certification provides an assurance of quality and safety rigors as imposed by the Indian laws for impact and shell robustness.

Flip-Up Chin Guard: The chin guard goes flip-up which gives enough convenience to remove your helmet without the necessity of removing it completely when you get stopped or have the wish to talk to someone else.

Breathable Padding and Neck Protector: The breathable padding with a neck protector which made comfort during a long trip is the go-to feature of this helmet.

Quick Release Features: A micro-metric buckle provides the simplicity of a one handed fastener; the quick release visor change mechanism adds to ease of use and adjustability.

Detachable and Washable Interior: The inner liner is a fully washable and removable option, which are very effective in regards to hygiene.

Ventilation System: Pixel is equipped with a ventilation system (it is not confirmed by all sources) that has five vents. These vents can promote an airflow especially when the weather is hot and thereby prevent sweat build-up.


Limited Visor Information: Text in regard of visor material kind, scratch resistantment, or UV protection is not featured in details.

Weight Consideration: Since this type of helmets is lighter than the others, it is a great option for some athletes. 2kg may be a concern for some conservant riders about the neck after a long road.


From Steelbird SBA-20 program to protection to comfort and convenience, the listed features include the flip-up chin guard and ventilation system and the washable interior. The ISI certification is to a certain extent safety compliance that helps to assure the same. Nevertheless, those unknowns about the visor, if it is transparent, and possible neck tension are remarkable.

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