Royal Enfield Essentials Chain Lube 500ml Review

Keeping your motorcycle chain maintained should be a priority to make the bike run efficiently and as long it could. The chain lube for Royal Enfield Essentials called Royal Enfield Essentials Chain Lube is designed to give maximum performance and protection to the motorcycle chain, which makes it possible to achieve performance at its highest level. This review is going to explore its product specifications, highlights, foot-flaws, and summation for you to know and make a proper decision.


ManufacturerRoyal Enfield
BrandRoyal Enfield
ModelRoyal Enfield Essentials Chain Lube-500ml
Product Dimensions10 x 10 x 10 cm; 400 g
Item model number360105
Manufacturer Part Number360105
Item Weight400 g


Fling Prevention: This formulated chain lube means to keep you fling off the road. Otherwise, it will be a mess both for you and for other people to clean after an accident. This repair allows to increase the safety and limits the provided maintenance work.

Low Rolling Resistance: This motivates by being the very low rolling stream of chain lube, it delivers more throttle and much better performance. Decreased friction enables motorcycle users to experience the ride at higher speed and reduced jerkiness, providing smart machine with fully optimized performance.

Extended Chain Life: Routine application of our Chain Lub part of any Essential Products will increase life of your chain. Its incredible material isolates contaminants which contribute to abrasion over time causing chains to degrade; thereby extending the life span.

Friction Reduction: The chain lube that comes into play is specifically formulated to lower drag, and therefore, this lube provides the protection against rust and ensures a longer running period for your chain. By reducing friction it was aimed to increase in efficiency and to the optimal working process and reliability of the chain.


Application Frequency: Riders may have to apply the chain lube at an interval so that the fueling and the protection are kept up to the optimum level. Lack of precaution may lead to the failure of the main hinge and cause the chain wear to grow, therefore need for the periodic maintenance.

Residue Buildup: Members might observe dust and residual clogging over time, the more chain lube they apply. So this residue may be a generator of dirt and other litter, therefore motorcycle cleaning will turn into frequent and unpleasant process for bikes as well.


The essential oils of the Royal Enfield chain are created to confer to your motorcycle’s chain those advantages related to the quality of performance and life endurance. With the fling prevention, low rolling resistance, and friction decreased properties that it has implemented, it makes a comfortable, safer, and smooth riding experience during the process.

Although the frequent use and accumulation of remnants will require additional work and efforts, the effects it has are on the positive side and the investment is a justified action for it. For motorcyclists who travel in heavy traffic, the Royal Enfield Essentials Chain Lube is a must have item to keep their chains lubed, running smoothly and maintenance free.

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